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Woodwind instrument: Quiz


Question 1: Modern concert flutes are usually made of pure metal or a combination of metals including nickel, silver, and ________.

Question 2: Single reed instruments include the ________ and saxophone families, and others like the duduk and the chalumeau.
ClarinetBass clarinetAlto clarinetBasset horn

Question 3: This family includes fipple based flutes like whistles and the ________ family.
BassoonRecorderOboeCor anglais (English horn)

Question 4: Most of these instruments are made of wood, but can be made of other materials, such as ________ or plastics.
NonmetalMetalNoble gasHalogen

Question 5: A woodwind instrument is a ________ which produces sound when the player blows air against a sharp edge or through a reed, causing the air within its resonator (usually a column of air) to vibrate.
Musical notationByzantine lyraClassical musicMusical instrument

Question 6: Woodwind instruments can further be divided into 2 groups: ________ and reed instruments.
Alto fluteFlutePiccoloWestern concert flute

Question 7:
  • Open flute family, where the player's lips form a stream of air which goes directly from the players lips to the edge, such as ________ and end-blown flutes.
    PiccoloFlute concertoAlto fluteWestern concert flute

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