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Woodstock Festival: Quiz


Question 1: Tom Constanten, who played keyboard with ________ at Woodstock, joined Jefferson Starship on stage for several numbers.
Jerry GarciaGrateful DeadAmerican Beauty (album)Bruce Hornsby

Question 2: An album titled Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock also was released in 1994, featuring only selected recordings of ________ at the festival.
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceHistoric Performances Recorded at the Monterey International Pop FestivalHey JoeJimi Hendrix

Question 3: ________ were included on the original Wallkill poster as performers, but decided to back out after being booked in Paris the same weekend.
The Moody BluesJustin HaywardAnthology (The Moody Blues album)The Moody Blues discography

Question 4: [15][17] ________ made an announcement that was included in the film saying that the New York State Thruway was closed.
Hobo's Lullaby (album)Alice's RestaurantArlo GuthrieAlice's Restaurant (The Massacree Revisited)

Question 5: [10] Eventually, announcements on radio stations as far away as ________ in Manhattan and descriptions of the traffic jams on television news programs discouraged people from setting off to the festival.

Question 6: After the concert, ________, who owned the site of the event, saw it as a victory of peace and love.
Woodstock FestivalBethel, New YorkMax YasgurTaking Woodstock

Question 7: Ticket sales were limited to record stores in the greater New York City area, or by mail via a post office box at the Radio City Station Post Office located in ________.
BoweryTimes SquareSutton Place, ManhattanMidtown Manhattan

Question 8: The ________ consisted of 4x2-Cell & 2x10-Cell Altec Horns.
Horn loudspeakerMid-range speakerTweeterLoudspeaker

Question 9: Johnny Winter featuring his brother, ________
Edgar WinterShock Treatment (album)Billy SquierDavid Lee Roth

Question 10: Sullivan County declared a ________.
SyriaUnited StatesPhilippinesState of emergency

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