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Woodcut: Quiz


Question 1: Michael Wolgemut was significant in making German woodcut more sophisticated from about 1475, and Erhard Reuwich was the first to use cross-hatching (far harder to do than in engraving or ________).
MetalworkingStained glassBookbindingEtching

Question 2: ________ were used from about 1480 for European prints and block-books, and before that for woodcut book illustrations.
Movable typePrint culturePrinting pressJohannes Gutenberg

Question 3: In Europe beechwood was most commonly used; in Japan, a special type of ________ wood was used.
Prunus tomentosaGriotte de KleparowPrunusCherry

Question 4: The first woodcut book illustration dates to about 1461, only a few years after the beginning of printing with movable type, printed by Albrecht Pfister in ________.

Question 5: Either the drawing would be made directly onto the block (often whitened first), or a ________ on paper was glued to the block.
Visual artsMedia (arts)DrawingPainting

Question 6: ________ - Medieval European books with both text and pictures in woodcut
Woodblock printingBlock bookIncunableAllan H. Stevenson

Question 7: The Italians usually used only tone blocks, for a very different effect, much closer to the drawings the term was originally used for, or ________.
PaintingVictoria and Albert MuseumWatercolor paintingPaint

Question 8: In Japan, this movement was called Sōsaku hanga, as opposed to the ________ movement, which retained the traditional methods.
Kiyokata KaburagiItō ShinsuiShin hangaUkiyo-e

Question 9: In Europe, Woodcut is the oldest technique used for ________, developing about 1400, by using on paper existing techniques for printing on cloth.
Old master printEngravingAlbrecht DürerPrintmaking

Question 10: The art reached a high level of technical and artistic development in ________ and Iran.
Central AsiaEast AsiaSoutheast AsiaFar East


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