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Question 1: One remaining problem is emission of fine dust (________), especially in urban areas, when there is a high concentration of pellet heating systems, coal, or oil heating systems in close proximity.
ParticulateAcid rainGlobal dimmingAir pollution

Question 2: High-efficiency wood pellet stoves and ________ have been developed in recent years, offering combustion efficiencies of over 90%.
CoalFurnaceBoilerBoiler (steam generator)

Question 3: The ________ content of wood pellets is approximately 4.7-4.9 MWh/tonne[1] (~7450 BTU/lb).

Question 4: The total sales of wood pellets in ________ was 3-5,000 tonnes in 2003.
New ZealandUnited KingdomAustraliaNauru

Question 5: Heating oil
Wood pellet
Natural gas
Wind powerCoalGrid energy storageHydroelectricity

Question 6: Wood pellets are a type of ________, generally made from compacted sawdust.
BiofuelWood fuelBiodieselEthanol fuel

Question 7: The high pressure of the press causes the temperature of the wood to increase greatly, and the ________ plastifies slightly forming a natural 'glue' that holds the pellet together as it cools.
PlantFungusLigninCell wall

Question 8: However, one undoubted source of potential radiative forcing from wood pellets is if inefficient combustion technologies are used to burn them, and this results in ________ emissions.
Global dimmingAlbedoGlobal warmingBlack carbon

Question 9: It is true that in combustion, most of the ________ joins with oxygen and returns to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, with a GWP100 of 1.

Question 10: As the price of heating with ________ increases, more capacity for pellet heating has been installed.
Carbon taxCarbon sinkFossil fuelBiofuel


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