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Wood gas: Quiz


Question 1: ________ H2: 14.0%

Question 2: ________ N2: 50.9%

Question 3: Wood can be used to power cars with ordinary ________ if a wood gasifier is attached.
Stroke ratioInternal combustion engineAutomobileSpark-ignition engine

Question 4: ________ CH4: 3.0%

Question 5: ________ began to be used only in 1930.
PetroleumNatural gasCoalEnergy development

Question 6: The wood gas can then be filtered for tars and soot/ash particles, cooled and directed to an engine or ________ to produce electricity.
Zinc-air batteryLead-acid batteryFuel cellFlow battery

Question 7: Liquefaction by the ________ is another possibility.
PetroleumCoalSynthetic fuelFischer–Tropsch process

Question 8: Wood gas is a syngas, also known as producer gas, which is produced by thermal gasification of ________ or other carbon-containing materials such as coal in a gasifier or wood gas generator or producer gas.
BiofuelBiomassBioenergyEthanol fuel

Question 9: Taylor [1] reports that "producer gas" has a lower ________ of 5.7 MJ/kg versus 55.9 MJ/kg for natural gas and 44.1 MJ/kg for gasoline.
MethaneHeat of combustionCoalPropane

Question 10: ________ O2: 0.6%.


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