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Wood fuel: Quiz


Question 1: By using a ________, the temperature for obtaining cleaner smoke can be reduced.
Spark plugInternal combustion engineCatalytic converterAutomobile

Question 2: Heating oil
Wood pellet
Natural gas
HydroelectricityGrid energy storageCoalWind power

Question 3: Wood ash can also be used to manufacture ________.
PotassiumPalm oilSoapAluminium

Question 4: The use of ________ as a fuel source for heating is as old as civilization itself.
Plant stemFlowering plantWoodSeed

Question 5: ________, containing water vapor, carbon dioxide and other chemicals and aerosol particulates, can be an irritating (and potentially dangerous) by-product of partially burnt wood fuel.

Question 6: ________ waste and construction industry by-products also include various forms of lumber tailings.
SawmillWater wheelHierapolis sawmillTurkey

Question 7: Wood may be sent into a furnace to be burned, stove, fireplace, or in a campfire, or used for a ________.
Trick-or-treatingBonfireHalloween around the worldHalloween

Question 8: One of the earliest printed books in English was ________ "Sylva, or a discourse on forest trees" (1664) advising landowners on the proper management of forest estates.
LondonJohn EvelynSamuel PepysEngland

Question 9: logs, bolts, blocks), ________, chips, sheets, pellets and sawdust.
PyrolysisCarbonBlast furnaceCharcoal

Question 10: Larger, bent or deformed stems that were of no other use to the woodland craftsmen were converted to ________.
CharcoalBlast furnaceCarbonPyrolysis


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