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Wonsan: Quiz


Question 1: The Wŏnsan Operation, October 1950Korean War amphibious assault ordered by General ________
Dwight D. EisenhowerJohn J. PershingDouglas MacArthurGeorge Marshall

Question 2: Wŏnsan is a port city and naval base in southeastern ________.
Korean PeninsulaKorean People's NavyNorth KoreaSouth Korea

Question 3: The Korean Central Broadcasting Station maintains a 250-kilowatt ________ transmitter broadcasting on 882 kHz AM.
FM broadcastingMedium waveShortwaveLongwave

Question 4: It was heavily bombed by the United Nations during the ________.
Korean WarVietnam WarSino-Soviet border conflictCold War

Question 5: In 1914 the Pyongwon and Kyongwon Lines were opened, connecting the city to ________ and Seoul (then known as Kyongsong).

Question 6: It is located in Kangwŏn Province, on the westernmost part of the ________ (East Sea of Korea) and the east end of the Korean peninsula's neck.
Sea of JapanEast China SeaPacific OceanYellow Sea


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