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Women in Hinduism: Quiz


Question 1: [8] The wedding hymn in the ________ (RV 10.85.37-38) speaks of "husbands" (plural) for a single wife, but this may have a mythological character.
MahabharataRigvedaVedasPurusha sukta

Question 2: They are varied in authority, authenticity, content and theme, with the most authoritative being the ________.
VedasIndian epic poetryRigvedaSanskrit literature

Question 3: Shaktism, for example, focuses worship on the goddess ________ as the supreme embodiment of power, or Shakti (feminine strength; a female form of God).

Question 4: Patanjali wrote in his comments to ________ 3.3.21 and 4.1.14, that women undergo the thread ceremony before beginning their education, and says that women studied grammar.

Question 5: Shree Maa – Born in the Indian province of ________, near the Shakta pilgrimage site of Kamakhya.
AssamWest BengalGuwahatiTripura

Question 6: Vaishnavism and Shaivism both worship ________ with Vishnu and Parvati with Shiva respectively as beings on an equal level of magnitude (the male and female aspects of God).

Question 7: The most sacred part of the wedding ceremony involves circumambulating the sacred fire in seven steps to a Vedic ________ where the groom addresses his wife.
VajrayanaBuddhism and HinduismMantraBuddhism

Question 8: Gurumayi Chidvilasananda – a leader of ________.
Hatha yogaBhaktiJnana yogaSiddha Yoga

Question 9: Lalleshwari – Hindu saint-poetess, and a mystic of the Kashmiri ________.
ShaivismVaishnavismHindu denominationsShaktism

Question 10: Positive references are made to the ideal woman in texts such as the Ramayana and the ________, while some texts such as the Manu Smriti advocate a restriction of women's rights.
Bhagavad GitaKurukshetra WarKrishnaMahabharata


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