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Wolpertinger: Quiz


Question 1: It has a body comprised from various ________ parts – generally wings, antlers, and fangs, all attached to the body of a small mammal.

Question 2: In the game ________ there is a small non-combat companion called Wolpertinger.
World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft: The Burning CrusadeWarcraft III: Reign of ChaosWorld of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Question 3: A strikingly similar creature called the "rabbit-bird" was described by ________ in Natural History.
CastraRoman EmpirePliny the ElderRoman Navy

Question 4: In the videogame Scribblenauts for the console ________ you can invoke a Wolpertinger just typing "Wolpertinger" in the notebook menu.
Nintendo DSNintendo DSi XLNintendo DSiNintendo DS Lite

Question 5: It is similar to the Rasselbock of the Thuringian Forest, or the Elwedritsche of the Palatinate region, which is described as a chicken-like creature with antlers; additionally the American invention of the ________, as well as the Swedish Skvader are similar creatures to the Wolpertinger.
JackalopeMonsterQuestThunderbird (cryptozoology)Jersey Devil

Question 6: The most widespread description is that of a horned ________ or a horned squirrel.
Snowshoe HareEuropean RabbitRabbitEuropean Hare

Question 7: In the game ________ you may summon a level 210 Worpertinger familiar into battle.
RuneScapeUnited StatesJagexUnited Kingdom

Question 8: The Wolpertinger (Crisensus bavaricus) (also called "Wolperdinger", "Poontinger" or "Woiperdinger") is a fictional animal said to inhabit the alpine forests of ________ in Germany.

Question 9: Stuffed Wolpertingers, composed of parts of actual stuffed animals, are often displayed in inns or sold to ________ as souvenirs in the animals' "native regions".
TourismWorld Tourism rankingsHotelTravel and Tourism Competitiveness Report


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