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Question 1: There is a main, electrified rail line, which connects ________ and Swinoujscie, also across the island goes an international road E65, which crosses Europe from north to south.
StralsundGreifswaldStargard SzczecińskiSzczecin

Question 2: Around 972 the island became controlled by Poland, under prince ________, however, it has not been established if Wolin became part of Poland, or if it was a fief.
Mieszko I of PolandHistory of PolandBolesław III WrymouthBolesław I Chrobry

Question 3: From there it flows through the Peene (to the west of Usedom), Świna and Dziwna into the Bay of Pomerania, which is part of the ________.
Black SeaNorth SeaBaltic SeaArctic Ocean

Question 4: Archaeological finds on the island are not very rich but they dot an area of 20 hectares, making it the second largest Baltic marketplace of the ________ after Hedeby.
VarangiansViking expansionViking AgePomerania during the Early Middle Ages

Question 5: Water from the river ________ (Polish: Odra) flows into the Szczecin Lagoon.
Recovered TerritoriesGreifswaldWestern PomeraniaOder

Question 6: Since then Pomerania was part of the so called ________ and the Pomeranians were Germanized.
German EmpireHoly Roman EmpireFranciaByzantine Empire

Question 7: After the annexation of Pomerania by Poland in 1945 the (German) population was expelled and replaced with Poles who were expelled from territories in eastern Poland ceded to the ________.
RussiaEast GermanySoviet UnionJoseph Stalin

Question 8: Archaeologists believe that in the Early Middle Ages there was a great trade emporium, spreading along the shore for four kilometers and rivaling in importance ________ and Hedeby.
WolinViking AgeBirkaStaraya Ladoga

Question 9: It is separated from the island of Usedom by the Świna river, and from mainland ________ by the Dziwna river.
PomeraniaGreifswaldSzczecinRecovered Territories

Question 10: Wolin (Pomeranian Wòlin, German: Wollin) is the name shared by an island located in the ________ located just off the Polish coast, and a town located on the island.
Arctic OceanBlack SeaBaltic SeaNorth Sea


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