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Wojciech Jaruzelski: Quiz


Question 1: The policies of ________ also stimulated political reform in Poland.
Ronald ReaganMikhail GorbachevBoris YeltsinLech Wałęsa

Question 2: He was the country's last communist leader and ________ and resigned from power after the Polish Round Table Agreement in 1989 led to democratic elections in Poland.
Military dictatorshipDictatorDictatorshipItaly

Question 3: [2] He "further credited himself in Soviet eyes"[1] by engaging in combat with the ________, an anti-communist organization, from 1945 to 1947.
Operation TempestWitold PileckiWarsaw UprisingArmia Krajowa

Question 4: On 1 September 1939, the September Campaign started when Poland was invaded by ________, with the latter country aided by another invasion begun sixteen days later by the Soviet Union.

Question 5: A BBC News profile of Jaruzelski says that his career "took off after the departure [from Poland] in 1956 of the Soviet Field Marshal, ________"[2], who had been Poland's Commander in Chief and Minister of Defence.
Joseph StalinKonstantin RokossovskyGeorgy ZhukovIvan Konev

Question 6: In May 2005, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded a medal commemorating the 60th anniversary of victory over ________ to Jaruzelski.
Adolf HitlerAxis powersNazismNazi Germany

Question 7: [9] ________ Václav Klaus criticized this step, claiming that Jaruzelski is a symbol of the Warsaw Pact troops' invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.
President of RomaniaPresident of the Czech RepublicPresident of FrancePresident of Poland

Question 8: Other former leaders awarded the medal include ________'s former King Michael I.

Question 9: Some even hold that the circumstances of the martial law were even in violation of the Communist ________.
United KingdomDemocracyEnglandConstitution

Question 10: In the first post-war years, he was among the military fighting the Polish ________ guerrillas ("cursed soldiers") in the Świętokrzyskie region.
Boris YeltsinMikhail GorbachevAnti-communismLech Wałęsa

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