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Question 1: [4] Scientology's founder ________ defined wog as a "common, everyday garden-variety humanoid ...
L. Ron HubbardRonald DeWolfMary Sue HubbardSara Northrup Hollister

Question 2: A once common expression in Australia when one had an illness (such as cold or flu) was "I am in bed with a wog", though this was also considered a jocular ________.
EuphemismCuntFuckDouble entendre

Question 3: Wog is a shortened version of the word pollywog, frequently modified with the word slimy, used for sailors during the ________ on the first time they cross the equator.
Eternal Father, Strong to SaveLine-crossing ceremonyUnited States Naval AcademyUnited States Navy

Question 4: In Australia, wog was once used as a slang term for illnesses such as colds, the ________ or malaria.
InfluenzaSevere acute respiratory syndromeViral pneumoniaInfluenza A virus

Question 5: Many dictionaries say "wog" derives from the ________, a blackface minstrel doll character from a children's book published in 1895.
Noddy (character)EnglandUnited KingdomGolliwogg

Question 6: The origin of the term is unknown, though unsupported ________ has much to say.
German languageFalse etymologySwedish languageDutch language

Question 7: The word was also prominently used in the popular early 1990s stage show Wogs Out of Work, created by ________ Nick Giannopoulos and Spanish-Australian Simon Palomares.
Greek AustralianGerman AustralianCroatian AustralianItalian Australian

Question 8: ________ claim the term wog has no racist overtones, even in the UK where that meaning is prevalent.
Scientology controversiesList of ScientologistsJason BegheScientology

Question 9: The saying "The wogs begin at ________" was originated by George Wigg, Labour MP for Dudley, in 1949.

Question 10: The term wog is often given a ________ as an acronym for various phrases:
Swedish languageGerman languageDutch languageFalse etymology

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