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Within the Woods: Quiz


Question 1: Within the Woods at the ________
Box Office MojoAmazon.comCDNOWInternet Movie Database

Question 2: A group of four friends, Bruce (________), Ellen (Ellen Sandweiss), Shelly (Mary Valenti) and Scotty (Scott Spiegel) rent a cabin in the woods.
CrimewaveEvil Dead IIBruce CampbellSam Raimi

Question 3: Within the Woods contains many scenes that were later used in ________, and even a shot that was eventually used almost a decade later in Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn.
CrimewaveThe Evil Dead (franchise)Sam RaimiThe Evil Dead

Question 4: The scene where Bruce tries to get in the cabin, along with the scene where Ellen stabs Scotty and Bruce breaking down parts of the cabin trying to get in the back door is reused in ________.
The Evil DeadThe Evil Dead (franchise)Evil Dead IISam Raimi

Question 5: The name of Mary Valenti's character, Shelly, and Scott Speigel's character, Scotty, were re-used for ________.
The Evil DeadSam RaimiThe Evil Dead (franchise)Evil Dead II

Question 6: Within the Woods (1978) is a short film written and directed by ________.
Evil Dead IISam RaimiThe Evil Dead (franchise)The Evil Dead

Question 7: The full length version was titled ________ and garnered a huge cult following and spawned 2 sequels and an off-broadway musical.
Sam RaimiEvil Dead IIThe Evil Dead (franchise)The Evil Dead

Question 8: Raimi, longtime friend ________, and other associates shot this movie on Super 8 mm film in an effort to raise money to produce a feature-length version of it.
Evil Dead IISam RaimiCrimewaveBruce Campbell

Question 9: Within the Woods is very similar to ________ in terms of plot devices, pacing, and effects.
Evil Dead IIThe Evil Dead (franchise)Sam RaimiThe Evil Dead


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