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Withers: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, the height of the withers is often used to determine the dog's jump height in various dog sports.
Dog breedCoat (dog)DogDog health

Question 2: The withers in ________ are formed by the dorsal spinal processes of roughly the 3rd through 11th thoracic vertebrae (most horses have 18 thoracic vertebrae), which are unusually long in this area.
HorseDonkeyEquus (genus)Arabian horse

Question 3: In many species it is the tallest point of the body, and in horses and dogs it is the standard place to measure the animal's height (in contrast, ________ are normally measured to the top of the hips).
DeerWater BuffaloCattleWild boar

Question 4: The withers is the ridge between the ________ of a four-legged animal.
Coracoid processScapulaClavicleHumerus

Question 5: Horses do not have a ________, so the shoulder can freely rotate backwards.
Coracoid processBoneClavicleScapula

Question 6: The height at the withers of an average ________ is 16 hands (1.6 m), and ponies are up to 14.2 hands (1.44 m).
Arabian horseHorse breedingHorseThoroughbred


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