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Withdrawal: Quiz


Question 1: This is somewhat similar (though generally less intense and more drawn out) to the 'crash' that users of ecstasy, ________, and other stimulants experience.

Question 2: An interesting side-note is that while physical dependence (and withdrawal on discontinuation) is virtually inevitable with the sustained use of certain classes of drugs, notably the ________, psychological addiction is much less common.

Question 3: Such signs may arise in use of benzodiazepines[4] and ________.

Question 4: Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is a withdrawal syndrome of ________, caused by administration of drugs.
Prenatal developmentInfantPregnancyAttachment theory

Question 5: In order to experience the symptoms of withdrawal, one must have first developed a ________ (often referred to as chemical dependency).
Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndromeBenzodiazepine dependencePhysical dependenceDrug abuse

Question 6: Subnormal activity in the nucleus accumbens is often characterized by depression, anxiety and craving, and if extreme can drive the individual to continue the drug despite significant harm — the definition of ________ — or even to suicide.
Drug addictionSocial anxiety disorderAddictionBenzodiazepine dependence

Question 7: ________ is common among users of any antidepressant who stop the drug abruptly, whose states are sometimes worse than the original before taking medication.
Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndromeRebound effectBenzodiazepineHypnotic

Question 8: At this point, one is said to also have a ________ on the given chemical.
Benzodiazepine dependencePhysical dependenceDrug abuseBenzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome

Question 9: Within the nucleus accumbens neurotransmitter ________, so while specific mechanisms vary, nearly every drug either stimulates dopamine release or enhances its activity, directly or indirectly.

Question 10: However, the length and the degree of an ________ can be indicative of the severity of withdrawal.
AddictionBenzodiazepine dependenceDrug addictionSocial anxiety disorder

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