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Witchaven: Quiz


Question 1: Her lair hidden in a massive subterranean maze, casting evil spells, the witch is keeping monsters as pets, and, as more than a few unlucky Stazhians learned, performing ________.
Human sacrificeJudaismJesusSyncretism

Question 2:
Witchaven, Dragon Age: Origins and League of Legends are all:
First-person shooters Multiplayer games Fantasy video games DOS games

Question 3: Most of enemies in the game are actually ________ models who were photographed at every angle and then turned into computer sprites.
SoilSoil liquefactionSandClay

Question 4:
Witchaven, Poker and Monopoly (game) are all:
First-person shooters Horror video games DOS games Multiplayer games

Question 5: Each day brings her closer to creating a permanent portal through the Veil to allow the ________ lord to traverse into the Prime Realms and rule the world with her as his consort.
DemonDemonologyChristian demonologyUnclean spirit

Question 6: Reviewers often criticed the game's bad ________ of enemies and poor design of repetitive levels, while its graphics was usually praised.
Karl PopperDaniel DennettRené DescartesArtificial intelligence

Question 7: He has been chosen by his master, Lord Verkapheron, to travel to the forbidding island of Char, domain of the powerful ________ named Illwhyrin.
StregheriaContemporary witchcraftWitch-cult hypothesisWitchcraft

Question 8: The player takes on the role of a brave ________ named Grondoval, hero of his homeland Stazhia.

Question 9:
Witchaven, BioShock and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are all:
Multiplayer games First-person shooters Fantasy video games Video games developed in the United States

Question 10:
Witchaven, Halo: Reach and BioShock are all:
First-person shooters Multiplayer games Fantasy video games DOS games

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