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Wisent: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the binomial of Wisent?
Bison bonasus
Bison occidentalis
Bison priscus
Prosopocoilus bison

Question 2: Currently the only surviving żubroń herd consists of just a few animals in Białowieża Forest, ________.

Question 3:
What kind of animal is a Wisent?

Question 4: Only a limited amount of inbreeding depression from the ________ has been found, having a small effect on skeletal growth in cows and a small rise in calf mortality.
Habitat destructionPopulation ecologyPopulation bottleneckHolocene extinction

Question 5: The first population to be extirpated was that of ________ in the 8th century.
La Tène cultureGaulsCeltsGaul

Question 6:
What is Wisent's current status?
syndicated on TV Land

Question 7: In 1996 the ________ classified the wisent as an endangered species.
ExtinctionIUCN Red ListConservation statusInternational Union for Conservation of Nature

Question 8: Wisent were first scientifically described by ________ in 1758.
Charles DarwinCarl LinnaeusBotanyBiology

Question 9: Historically, the wisent's range encompassed all of western, central and southeastern Europe, extending to the Volga River and the ________.
CaucasusAsiaAzerbaijanGeorgia (country)

Question 10: Some later descriptions treat the wisent as conspecific with the ________.
MooseBighorn SheepElkAmerican Bison

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