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Wirksworth: Quiz


Question 1: The area may well have been visited by ________ as long as 150,000 years ago, during warm inter-glacial periods.
Human evolutionHomo erectusHomo ergasterHomo floresiensis

Question 2: [5] A possible Roman road led to a ford between Duffield and Milford and thence to the garrison at Derventio (________) and to Rykneld Street and possibly but not certainly, to the ports on the Humber.

Question 3: There was a ________ in Wirksworth from 1724 to 1829.
Elizabethan Poor Law (1601)English Poor LawsWorkhousePoor Law Amendment Act 1834

Question 4: ________ granted a charter to hold a miners' court in the town called the Bar Moot, which still exists, though the present building dates from 1814.
Henry VIII of EnglandElizabeth I of EnglandCharles I of EnglandEdward VI of England

Question 5: Abraham Bennet was curate of Wirksworth in the eighteenth century and did important early work in electricity, in association with ________.
Charles DarwinErasmus DarwinFrancis GaltonDarwin–Wedgwood family

Question 6: In 1777, ________ leased the land and premises of a corn mill from Philip Gell of Hopton and converted it to spin cotton, using his water frame.
Industrial RevolutionThomas HighsRichard ArkwrightJames Hargreaves

Question 7: Arkwright's was one of the first mills to try out the ________ of Boulton and Watt, to replenish the millpond.
Steam engineHeat engineReciprocating engineStirling engine

Question 8: Wirksworth is a small market town in ________, England, with a population of over 9,000.
DerbyshireHigh PeakGlossopBuxton

Question 9: More recently, part of Mobile was filmed on a train on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, and a large amount of an episode of the ________'s Casualty was also filmed here.
Norwegian Broadcasting CorporationTG4Raidió Teilifís ÉireannBBC

Question 10: During the ________ period (between about 359 and 299 million years ago), Wirksworth was under tropical oceans, thus giving it vast quantities of limestone for quarrying.
DevonianOrdovicianGeologic time scaleCarboniferous


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