Winter Olympic Games: Quiz

Question 1: [72] If Munich wins the bid, it will become the first city to ever host both Summer and Winter Olympics, having hosted the ________.
Poland at the 1972 Summer OlympicsNew Zealand at the 1972 Summer OlympicsAustralia at the 1972 Summer Olympics1972 Summer Olympics

Question 2: [11] The weather was not the only note-worthy aspect of the 1928 Games; ________ of Norway made history when she won the figure skating competition at the age of 15.
Jeannette AltweggBarbara Ann ScottSonja HenieKatarina Witt

Question 3: [46] ________, an Italian skier, made his Olympic debut at these Games by winning both the giant slalom and slalom.
Alberto TombaMarc GirardelliKjetil André AamodtIngemar Stenmark

Question 4: Figure skating events were also held at the 1908 and ________.
1928 Summer Olympics1920 Summer Olympics1948 Summer Olympics2006 Winter Olympics

Question 5: It has also created an income stream via the sale of broadcast rights and advertising, which has become very lucrative for the ________ (IOC).
Olympic GamesInternational Olympic CommitteeBids for Olympic GamesOlympic Charter

Question 6: Irina Rodnina, three-time Olympic gold medallist in figure skating, was awarded the Order of Lenin after her victory at the ________ in Innsbruck.
1988 Winter Olympics2002 Winter Olympics1976 Winter OlympicsWinter Olympic Games

Question 7: [51] After the division of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the Czech Republic and Slovakia made their Olympic debut in ________.

Question 8: President ________ called for the resignation of top sports officials immediately following the Games.
Lee Myung-bakBarack ObamaDmitry MedvedevVladimir Putin

Question 9: [53] Both skaters competed in the Games, but neither of them won the gold medal, which went to ________, who won Ukraine's first Olympic title.
Kristi YamaguchiPeggy FlemingOksana BaiulDorothy Hamill

Question 10: [71] The Olympic Village and Olympic Stadium will be located on the ________ coast.
Baltic SeaBlack SeaMediterranean SeaAegean Sea

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