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Winter: Quiz


Question 1: Also, many[citation needed] mainland European countries tend to recognize ________, St. Martin's day (11 November), as the first calendar day of winter.
PolandSt. Martin's DaySanta ClausMalta

Question 2: Many other winter activities and sports focus on ________, which may be contained in an ice rink.
Precipitation (meteorology)SnowWaterIce

Question 3: In ________'s comic strip Flash Gordon, there is a land called Frigia, where it is always winter.
Ming the MercilessAlex RaymondFlash Gordon's Trip to MarsFlash Gordon (serial)

Question 4:
Who played Zivildiener the movie Winter?
William Kipp
James Garrett
Jeff Wolfe
Wolfgang Brandstetter

Question 5:
What role did James Garrett play in the movie Winter?
Sir Charles Barton

Question 6: In regions experiencing winter, the same amount of ________ is spread out over a larger area.
SunSunlightSolar variationEarth

Question 7: Winter is one concerto in ________'s "The Four Seasons," and there are many examples of four paintings all showing the same scene in different seasons.
VeniceBaroque musicWolfgang Amadeus MozartAntonio Vivaldi

Question 8: Winter is the coldest season of the year, between ________ and spring, marked by the shortest days and longest nights.
Dry seasonPrecipitation (meteorology)AutumnSevere weather

Question 9: Novels such as ________ also use a winter setting to mirror the bleak, frozen feelings that the characters harbor.
Ethan FromeEdith WhartonKillshot (film)Golden Gate (film)

Question 10: ________ also affects the ways animals behave; many take advantage of the insulating properties of snow by burrowing in it.
MeteorologyRainPrecipitation (meteorology)Snow

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