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Wing loading: Quiz


Question 1: At the opposite end of the spectrum was the gigantic ________.
Convair YB-60B-58 HustlerConvair XB-46Convair B-36

Question 2: The critical limit for ________ flight is about 5 lb/ft2 (25 kg/m2)[3].
EnantiornithesModern birdsBirdArchaeopteryx

Question 3: In ________, wing loading is the loaded weight of the aircraft divided by the area of the wing.
Bernoulli's principleFluid dynamicsNavier–Stokes equationsAerodynamics

Question 4: By increasing the wing loading the lift-to-drag ratio is increased at higher ________.
Pitot tubeAirspeedAirspeed (disambiguation)Airspeed indicator

Question 5: Aircraft like the ________ and the Panavia Tornado employ variable-sweep wings.
F-14 TomcatF-9 CougarF-11 TigerA-6 Intruder

Question 6: A lighter loaded wing will have a superior rate of climb compared to a heavier loaded wing as less ________ is required to generate the additional lift to increase altitude.
AirspeedAirspeed (disambiguation)Pitot tubeAirspeed indicator

Question 7: Modern ________ often use water ballast carried in the wings to increase wing loading when soaring conditions are strong.
Powered hang gliderGlider (sailplane)Hang glidingFixed-wing aircraft


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