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Wing configuration: Quiz


Question 1: Flown experimentally on the ________ in an attempt to overcome the stall problems of swept wings.
F-105 ThunderchiefF-104 StarfighterRepublic XF-103XF-91 Thunderceptor

Question 2: Backwards stagger is also seen in a few examples such as the ________.
Beechcraft Model 18Beechcraft StaggerwingFord TrimotorFairchild 24

Question 3: Used for example on the ________.
Lockheed AC-130C-5 GalaxyF-22 RaptorLockheed HC-130

Question 4: Seen in a few types of combat aircraft, the first being the ________.
General Dynamics/Grumman F-111BF-102 Delta DaggerF-4 Phantom IIGeneral Dynamics F-111

Question 5: Seen in tailless form on the ________ and Tupolev Tu-144 supersonic transports.
ConcordeBoeing 747AirbusBAC TSR-2

Question 6: Tailless delta - a classic high-speed design, used for example in the widely built ________ series.
Dassault Mirage F1Dassault Mirage 5Dassault Mirage 2000Dassault Mirage III

Question 7:
  • ________ - tailless circular flying wing.
    Kenneth Arnold unidentified flying object sightingExtraterrestrial hypothesisFlying saucerUnidentified flying object

Question 8: The outer sections of the ________ wing folded down, to increase lift and reduce drag through generation of 'compression lift' during supersonic flight.
B-29 SuperfortressB-45 TornadoB-24 LiberatorXB-70 Valkyrie

Question 9: the Lockheed ________).
P-80 Shooting StarF-104 StarfighterP-38 LightningF-94 Starfire

Question 10: ________ - a small vertical fin at the wingtip, usually turned upwards.
Wingtip deviceGlass cockpitUndercarriageAircraft flight control system


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