Wing: Quiz


Question 1: A wing is a surface used to produce lift for ________ through the air or another gaseous or fluid medium.
FlightFixed-wing aircraftFlying and gliding animalsRocket

Question 2: Some racing cars, especially ________, which use upside-down wings to give cars greater adhesion at high speeds over 100 mph.
Formula One tyresFormula One sponsorship liveries (Former Teams)Formula One sponsorship liveriesFormula One car

Question 3: Applications arise in craft such as ________ and submarines.
TramCommuter railTrolleybusHydrofoil

Question 4: ________ to keep wingtip vortices from increasing drag and decreasing lift
UndercarriageAircraft flight control systemWingtip deviceGlass cockpit

Question 5: Structures with the same purpose as wings, but designed to operate in liquid media, are generally called fins or hydroplanes, with ________ as the governing science.
Fluid mechanicsViscosityFluid dynamicsSurface tension

Question 6: The science of wings applies in other areas beyond conventional ________, including:
Powered hang gliderAviation historyGlider (sailplane)Fixed-wing aircraft

Question 7: The lift generated by a wing at a given speed and angle of attack can be 1-2 ________ greater than the drag.
Orders of magnitude (length)Orders of magnitude (temperature)Order of magnitudeOrders of magnitude (numbers)

Question 8: The word originally referred only to the foremost limbs of birds, but has been extended to include the wings of insects (see insect wing), bats, pterosaurs, and ________.
Business jetWide-body aircraftAircraftDouble-deck aircraft

Question 9: ________ (usually near the wingtips) to provide roll control
Elevator (aircraft)Aircraft flight control systemAileronFlap (aircraft)

Question 10: ________ boats use both fins and wings.
Yacht racingCatalina YachtsSailingYachting

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