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Winfield Scott: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3: In 1859, Scott traveled to the ________ to settle a dispute with the British over San Juan Island, which had escalated to the so-called Pig War.
CanadaPacific NorthwestBritish ColumbiaWestern United States

Question 4:
When was Winfield Scott born?

Question 5:
What years did Winfield Scott serve?
1861-75, 1898
1808 – 1861
1812 - 1828; 1861 - 1863
1799 – 1861

Question 6: Army until ________'s Tactics were published in 1855.
William Tecumseh ShermanGeorge Henry ThomasWilliam J. HardeeBraxton Bragg

Question 7:
Which of the following battles did Winfield Scott take part in?
*Mexican Expedition
Mexican Border{1916}
Mexican-American War
Mexican Revolution:n*Pancho Villa ExpeditionnWorld War I:n*Western Front

Question 8:
On what date was Winfield Scott born?

Question 9: This ________ was derided in the press; however, in its broad outlines, it was the strategy the Union actually used, particularly in the Western Theater and in the successful naval blockade of Confederate ports.
Union ArmyAnaconda PlanUnion NavyAmerican Civil War

Question 10:

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