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Wine label: Quiz


Question 1: For ________ the term cru classé is included only for historical reasons.

Question 2: In Spain and ________, the authenticity of the wine is guaranteed by a seal on the label or a band over the cork under the capsule.
PortugalGreeceMaldivesEast Timor

Question 3: [1] Also, bottling of ________ must be done within the appellation.

Question 4: Labels may include images of works by Picasso, ________, and other artists, and these may be collector's pieces.
Daniel BarenboimMstislav RostropovichRussiaMarc Chagall

Question 5: While it is not necessary for a wine to be bottled at its place of origin, it is obligatory for classed growth claret and vintage port to be bottled in ________ and Oporto.
BordeauxBarsac, GirondeSaint-ÉmilionPessac

Question 6: Wines whose label does not indicate the name of the winery or the winemaker is referred to as "cleanskin" wine, particularly in ________.
United KingdomBarbadosAustraliaCanada

Question 7: For example, there are 151 châteaux in ________ with "Figeac" and 22 estates in Burgundy with "Corton" on their labels.
Barsac, GirondeBordeauxPessacSaint-Émilion

Question 8: The label is often the only resource a buyer has for evaluating the ________ before purchasing it.
ChardonnayWineNew Zealand wineChilean wine

Question 9: Vintage dates may not be important, for example, there are no vintage dates on bottles of ________.
SherryCabernet SauvignonChilean wineFortified wine

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