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Windsor Castle: Quiz


Question 1: The King visited for Ascot week and ________.
Liturgical yearJesusComputusEaster

Question 2: ________, 4th Prime Minister of Canada, died in the castle suddenly, while in office, of a heart attack in 1894.
John Sparrow David ThompsonJohn A. MacdonaldR. B. BennettCharles Tupper

Question 3:
Windsor Castle, Royal Lodge and Bisham Abbey are all:
Castles in Berkshire Grade I listed castles Houses in Berkshire Thames Path

Question 4: The King's Welsh troops (little more than private mercenaries) took flight, and the Prince escaped to ________.
United KingdomItalyFranceCanada

Question 5: One of the few alterations he made was to lay out the castle's ________.
Golf equipmentPhilippinesThe BahamasGolf course

Question 6: The more stable political climate following the end of the ________ meant that future building tended to be more considerate of comfort and style than of fortification.
History of EnglandWars of the RosesRichard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of YorkEngland

Question 7:
Windsor Castle, Reading Abbey and The Fat Duck are all:
Grade I listed buildings in Berkshire Windsor Castle Visitor attractions in Berkshire Historic house museums in Berkshire

Question 8:
Windsor Castle, Order of the Garter and St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle are all:
Royal residences in the United Kingdom Visitor attractions in Berkshire Windsor Castle Grade I listed buildings in Berkshire

Question 9: As an architect he had a preference for imposing ________, whereas the castle which had evolved piecemeal over the previous centuries had no symmetry at all.
Group (mathematics)SymmetrySymmetry (physics)Euclidean group

Question 10:
Windsor Castle, Bletchley Park and Dover Castle are all:
Palaces in England History museums in England Grade I listed buildings in Berkshire Thames Path


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