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Windows NT 4.0: Quiz


Question 1: Windows NT 4.0 was succeeded by ________ in February 2000.
Windows 2000Microsoft WindowsWindows VistaWindows Server 2008

Question 2: Because of this, Microsoft is recommending current Windows NT customers to upgrade to a supported operating system such as Windows Server 2003, or ________.
Windows 2000Windows VistaMicrosoft WindowsWindows Server 2008

Question 3:

Question 4:
What family does Windows NT 4.0 belong to?
Microsoft Windows
Gary Ewing
Raizo Tsurgui , Unnamed Mother
Joseph Sargent

Question 5: The stability of Windows NT offered reduced support costs over ________ or Windows 98.
Windows 9xOS/2Windows 95Microsoft Windows

Question 6: The server editions of Windows NT 4.0 include a built-in web server, ________ version 2.0.
Internet Information ServicesInternet ExplorerMicrosoft WindowsDirectX

Question 7: The "NT" designation in the product's title initially stood for "New Technology" according to Microsoft's then-CEO ________, but now no longer has any specific meaning.
Bill GatesBerkshire HathawayDairy QueenWarren Buffett

Question 8: Windows NT 4.0 also included a new ________ application.
Internet ExplorerDirectXWindows Task ManagerMicrosoft Windows

Question 9: Windows XP, Windows Vista, ________ and subsequent server versions were later released which completed the unification of the core architecture of all currently marketed Windows versions around NT.
Microsoft WindowsWinFSWindows MobileWindows 7

Question 10: The most noticeable difference from Windows NT 3.51 is that Windows NT 4.0 has the user interface of ________, including the Windows Shell, Windows Explorer (known as Windows NT Explorer), and the use of "My" nomenclature (e.g.
OS/2Windows 9xWindows 95Microsoft Windows


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