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Windows Mobile: Quiz


Question 1: It will feature the ________ marketplace, and use XNA as a game platform.
Games for Windows – LiveInternet ExplorerXbox Live MarketplaceZune

Question 2: These SDKs include emulator images for developers to test and ________ their applications while writing them.
Computer softwareDebuggingComputer programProgramming language

Question 3:
What license is Windows Mobile distributed under?
Mozilla Public License
Copyright u00A9 1979 Atari Inc. Proprietary
Closed Source server, GPL client

Question 4: On 25 September 2009, ________ CEO Steve Ballmer indicated that the company "screwed up with Windows Mobile".
Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft OfficeInternet ExplorerMicrosoft

Question 5: The 'Windows Mobile' (Microsoft's term for its range of ________) became the next hardware platform after the Pocket PC to run Windows Mobile, and debuted with the release of Pocket PC 2002.
Personal digital assistantMobile developmentNetbookSmartphone

Question 6: VoIP (Internet calling) support with AEC (________) and MSRT Audio Codec
VideoconferencingEcho cancellationModemTelephone

Question 7: Versions of Windows Mobile prior to 6.5.3 did not recognise ________ screens.
Apple Inc.Tablet PCTouchscreenMulti-touch

Question 8: Storage Card Encryption (encryption keys are lost if device is ________).
Operating systemComputerPersonal computerBooting

Question 9: What does the following picture show?

  Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Today Screen
  A screenshot of the Windows Phone 6.5 Today Screen, 'Titanium'
  A Screenshot of the Windows Phone 6.5.3 Today Screen 'Titanium' (notice the new location of the start button)
  Typical Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Today Screen

Question 10: [17] It was first offered on the ________ x51.
Dell Inspiron Mini SeriesDell AximDell OptiPlexDell Latitude


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