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Question 1: [16] Shell extensions can be in the form of shell extension handlers, toolbars or even namespace extensions that allow certain folders (or even non-filesystem objects such as the images scanned by a scanner) to be presented as a ________.
Special FoldersWindows RegistryStart menuDirectX

Question 2: New ________ for Scheduled Tasks and Web Folders
Evolution (software)Mail (application)Virtual folderWinFS

Question 3: Windows 95 was the closest Windows Explorer would come to being a spatial file manager in the same vein as the ________.
Mac OS XFinder (software)QuickTimeSafari (web browser)

Question 4: The Windows Explorer was first included with ________ as a replacement for the Windows 3.x File Manager.
Windows 95Windows 9xMicrosoft WindowsOS/2

Question 5: This feature proved to have security vulnerabilities due to its reliance on ActiveX objects and scripting, and was removed with the introduction of ________.
Windows XP editionsWindows VistaMicrosoft WindowsWindows XP

Question 6: For example, with images from a digital camera, the ________ information can be viewed, both in the Properties pages for the photo itself, as well as via optional additional Details View columns.
Extensible Metadata PlatformPortable Network GraphicsRaw image formatExchangeable image file format

Question 7: This browsing mode is reminiscent of the Program Manager of ________.
Windows 1.0Windows 9xMicrosoft WindowsWindows 3.1x

Question 8: Windows Explorer also gained the ability to burn CDs and ________ discs in Windows XP.
HD DVDISO 9660DVD-RAMUniversal Disk Format

Question 9: At the time these changes raised ________ concerns about the incorporation of what was seen as an application feature, but this feature has since been emulated by most other file browsers.
Competition law theoryLawUnited States antitrust lawCompetition law

Question 10: Windows Explorer is a file manager application that is included with releases of the ________ operating system from Windows 95 onwards.
Internet ExplorerMicrosoft WindowsDirectXInternet Information Services


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