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Wind chill: Quiz


Question 1: and Canadian weather services use a model accepted by the ________.
National Weather ServiceFiji Meteorological ServiceServicio Meteorológico NacionalSouth African Weather Service

Question 2: The Australian formula includes the important factor of ________ and is somewhat more involved than the simpler North American model.
Water vaporPrecipitation (meteorology)HumidityWind

Question 3: In November 2001 the ________ implemented the new wind chill index, used by the U.S.
National Weather ServiceServicio Meteorológico NacionalFiji Meteorological ServiceSouth African Weather Service

Question 4: The chart also provided general guidance to comfort and hazard through threshold values of the index, such as 1400, which was the threshold for ________.

Question 5: The body loses heat largely by ________ and convection[1][2].
Air conditioningCooling towerEvaporative coolerHVAC

Question 6: Wind chill is the apparent temperature felt on exposed ________ due to wind.
Human skinLeatherTanningSkin

Question 7: The degree of this phenomenon depends on both ________ temperature and wind speed.
Atmosphere of EarthHistory of the EarthNatureEarth

Question 8: The equivalent formula in ________ is:
English unitsUnited States customary unitsImperial unitsCanadian units


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