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Question 1: Winback (Known as Operation: Winback in Australia and Europe) is a video game developed by ________ for the Nintendo 64 in 1999 and PlayStation 2 in 2001.
KoeiDynasty WarriorsWarriors OrochiOmega Force

Question 2: The leader of the terrorists calls himself ________ Kenneth Coleman and he is the leader of The Crying Lions.
Lieutenant ColonelCaptain (land)Second LieutenantColonel

Question 3: The mechanics are similar to those emphasized in Kill Switch and more recently, ________.
Gears of War 2Unreal Tournament 3Gears of WarUnreal Tournament

Question 4: Made up of remnants of the former Saroczian ________, the unit adopted this moniker when they invaded the GULF complex in 2001.
Special forcesCentral Intelligence AgencySpecial Activities DivisionCommando

Question 5: for the ________ and Xbox game consoles, was released on April 25, 2006.
PlayStation 3Sony Computer EntertainmentPlayStation PortablePlayStation 2

Question 6: According to the official report, all the members were killed during the GULF incident, though many ________ throughout the world dispute by claiming to have once been a member of the Crying Lions.
Private military companyMercenaryZimbabweAngolan Civil War

Question 7: The story follows one Jean-Luc Cougar, a ________ infiltrating a laser satellite's command center.
Clandestine HUMINT asset recruitingEspionageClandestine HUMINTIntelligence (information gathering)

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