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Wilson's disease: Quiz


Question 1: Here, in response to rising concentrations of copper, an enzyme called ________ releases copper into the portal vein to the liver.
ATP7ACDC42RAC1Wilson disease protein

Question 2: Once all results have returned to normal, ________ (usually in the form of a zinc acetate prescription called Galzin) may be used instead of chelators to maintain stable copper levels in the body.

Question 3: The deranged protein metabolism leads to the accumulation of waste products such as ________ in the bloodstream.

Question 4: ________ has caused cirrhosis of the liver in most patients by the time they develop symptoms.
Hepatitis B virusHepatitis BRotavirusHerpes simplex virus

Question 5: When these irritate the ________, the patient develops hepatic encephalopathy (confusion, coma, seizures and finally life-threatening swelling of the brain).
Sensory systemDigestionBrainNervous system

Question 6: The gene codes for a P-type (cation transport enzyme) ATPase that transports copper into ________ and incorporates it into ceruloplasmin.
Human gastrointestinal tractDigestionSecretinBile

Question 7: ________ and migraine appear to be more common in Wilson's disease.
ICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findingsSeizureSymptomConvulsion

Question 8: [4] If there are neurological symptoms, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain is usually performed; this shows hyperintensities in the part of the brain called the ________ in the T2 setting.
Obsessive–compulsive disorderStriatumBasal gangliaCingulate cortex

Question 9: Zinc stimulates ________, a protein in gut cells that binds copper and prevents their absorption and transport to the liver.
Mercury (element)SeleniumCadmiumMetallothionein

Question 10: Hormones: hypoparathyroidism (failure of the parathyroid glands, leading to low calcium levels), ________ and habitual abortion.
InfertilityVulvovaginal healthReproductive system diseaseFemale infertility


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