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Wilma Flintstone: Quiz


Question 1: Her best friends were her next door neighbors, Betty and ________.
Fred FlintstoneBarney RubblePebbles FlintstoneThe Flintstones

Question 2: She was the red-headed wife of caveman ________, daughter of Pearl Slaghoople, mother of Pebbles Flintstone and a grandmother.
The FlintstonesBarney RubbleBetty RubbleFred Flintstone

Question 3: Wilma Pebble Slaghoople Flintstone (maiden name Pebble or Slaghoople—see below) is a fictional character in the television animated series ________.
The Jetsons Meet the FlintstonesCaptain Caveman and the Teen AngelsFred FlintstoneThe Flintstones

Question 4: As a young adult, Wilma worked with Betty as ________ girls/waitresses at a resort.
SmokingTobacco advertisingTobacco smokingCigarette

Question 5: Wilma's personality was based on that of ________, wife of Ralph Kramden on the 1950s television series The Honeymooners.
The Jackie Gleason ShowThe SimpsonsThe HoneymoonersJackie Gleason

Question 6: Eventually, Wilma and Fred were married, and Wilma became a homemaker, keeping house with such prehistoric aids as a baby ________ vacuum cleaner, pelican washing machine, and so forth.
Asian ElephantHippopotamusElephantLion


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