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William of Ockham: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following did William of Ockham influence?

Question 2: He is considered — along with Thomas Aquinas, Duns Scotus, and the Islamic scholar ________ — to be one of the major figures of medieval thought and was at the centre of the major intellectual and political controversies of the fourteenth century.
René DescartesRelationship between religion and scienceAverroesImmanuel Kant

Question 3:
When is William of Ockham's birthday?
c. 1288

Question 4:
Which of the following was of most interest to William of Ockham?

Question 5:
Where did William of Ockham die?

Question 6:

Question 7:
Which of the following concepts did William of Ockham develop?

Question 8:
Where was William of Ockham born?

Question 9:
What region does William of Ockham belong to?
Brisbane East
Western Philosophers
Pays de la Loire
Western Philosophy

Question 10:
William of Ockham, Dante Alighieri and Petrarch are all:
14th-century Latin writers Latin commentators on Aristotle People from Guildford (district) Franciscans


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