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William Penn: Quiz


Question 1:
Where was William Penn born?
Ealing, West London
Baynard's Castle, London, England
London, England
Kensington, London, Middlesex, England

Question 2:
When is William Penn's birthday?

Question 3:
Where did William Penn die?
Shrivenham, Berkshire, England.
Berkshire, England
Sunningdale, Berkshire
Berkshire Apartments, 612 West 179th Avenue, New York, NY

Question 4: Atop ________ stands a statue of William Penn, sculpted by Alexander Milne Calder, which is 37 feet (11 m) tall.
One Liberty PlaceLoews Philadelphia HotelThe St. JamesPhiladelphia City Hall

Question 5:
Who of the following is a parent of William Penn?
Sir James Bourchier
Admiral Sir William Penn and Margaret Jasper
Heinrich Himmler, Margarete Boden
Stephen and Margaret, O'Sullivan

Question 6:
Who is William Penn's spouse?
Hannah Gaylord
Hannah Josephine Dunton
Gulielma Maria Springett, Hannah Margaret Callowhill
Hannah Heywood

Question 7: As a pacifist ________, Penn considered the problems of war and peace deeply, and included a plan for a United States of Europe, "European Dyet, Parliament or Estates," in his voluminous writings.
George FoxReligious Society of FriendsFriends World Committee for ConsultationHistory of the Religious Society of Friends

Question 8: [113] Sure enough, the following year the Philadelphia Phillies won the ________, the first national championship for a Philadelphia sports team since 1983, when the Philadelphia 76ers captured the NBA championship.
1950 World Series2008 World Series2008 National League Championship Series2009 World Series

Question 9: Penn’s family retained ownership of the colony of Pennsylvania until the ________.
United StatesUnited States ConstitutionAmerican RevolutionMassachusetts

Question 10: The official charge was publication without a license but the real crime was ________, as signed in a warrant by King Charles II.
Ten CommandmentsBiblical SabbathBlasphemyBible

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