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Question 1: He briefly notes that their current violent method of handling unruly slaves – ________, though the term is not used – is inefficient and counterproductive.
LynchingSouth Africa under apartheidRacial segregationEthnic cleansing

Question 2: [2] The speech appears prominently in the 2005 ________ film Animal, in which it is passed on between the generations of the characters.
Original video animationBlu-ray DiscDirect-to-videoFuturama

Question 3: In the 2007 movie The Great Debaters, ________'s character Melvin B. Tolson refers to the Willie Lynch speech as containing the definition of the black slave.
Denzel WashingtonJack NicholsonAcademy Award for Best Supporting ActorTom Hanks

Question 4: Forewords attached to some online versions of the speech credit the narrator's name as the source of the terms "lynching" and "________", despite the narrator specifically advocating against lynching.
Racial segregationEthnic cleansingSouth Africa under apartheidLynching

Question 5: [6][7] A document published in the Southern Literary Messenger in 1836 that proposed William Lynch as the originator of "lynch law" may have been a hoax perpetrated by ________.
Johann Wolfgang von GoetheEdgar Allan PoeE. T. A. HoffmannWilliam Blake

Question 6: ________, in his open letter regarding the Millions More Movement in 1995, cites Willie Lynch's scheme as an obstacle to unity among African Americans.
Malcolm XElijah MuhammadLouis FarrakhanWallace Fard Muhammad

Question 7: [2] As such, historians such as Rosenzweig and Jelani Cobb of ________ regard the William Lynch speech as a hoax.
Wesleyan CollegeMorehouse CollegeAgnes Scott CollegeSpelman College


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