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William Hogarth: Quiz


Question 1:
Who is William Hogarth's spouse?
Christina Hamman
Ma Shin
Jane Thornhill
Emma Hofstede

Question 2:
Where was William Hogarth born?

Question 3:
When did William Hogarth die?

Question 4:
When is William Hogarth's birthday?

Question 5: His work ranged from realistic portraiture to ________-like series of pictures called "modern moral subjects".
National Cartoonists SocietyComicsComic stripComic strip formats

Question 6: In the twelve prints of ________ (1747) Hogarth shows the progression in the lives of two apprentices, one who is dedicated and hard working, the other idle which leads to crime and his execution.
A Harlot's ProgressIndustry and IdlenessAnglicanismWilliam Hogarth

Question 7:
Where did William Hogarth die?
London, England
| Phoenix, Arizona
Downey, California
Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Question 8:
Where is William Hogarth's final resting place?
St. Mary Magdalen's Church,, London, England
St. Nicholas's Churchyard, Chiswick Mall, Chiswick, London
East Barnet, London, England
West Norwood Cemetery, London

Question 9:
What did William Hogarth do for a living?

Question 10:
How is William Hogarth described?

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