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William Dampier: Quiz


Question 1: His crew was marooned there for five weeks before being picked up on 3 April by an ________ and returned home in August 1701.
Blackwall FrigateProaShipEast Indiaman

Question 2: William Dampier (born August 1651, East Coker, Somerset, ________ — died March 1715, London)[1] was an English buccaneer, sea captain, author and scientific observer.
EnglandUnited KingdomScotlandWales

Question 3:

Question 4: In 1678 he crewed with buccaneers on the Spanish Main of ________, twice visiting the Bay of Campeche.
Central AmericaAmericas (terminology)North AmericaAmericas

Question 5: His reports on breadfruit led to ________'s ill-fated voyage in HMS Bounty.
James CookWilliam BlighMutiny on the BountyHoratio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson

Question 6: The Cinque Ports separated from the St George on the Pacific coast of the Americas and, after putting ________ ashore alone on an island for complaining about its seaworthiness, sank a month later.
Barbary corsairsAlexander SelkirkGeuzenWilliam Dampier

Question 7: After further adventures Dampier returned to England in 1691 via the ________, penniless but in possession of his journals.
Cape of Good HopeSouth AfricaCape TownTable Mountain National Park

Question 8: ________, Cruising Voyage Round the World, 1712.
Woodes RogersBlackbeardWilliam DampierStede Bonnet

Question 9: They obtained a small canoe which they modified after first capsizing and then after surviving a great storm called at "Acheen" (________) in Sumatra.
IndonesiaAcehNorth SumatraJakarta

Question 10: He is considered the inspiration for ________ in his Gulliver's Travels and is believed to have influenced Samuel Taylor Coleridge with his poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner".
John ArbuthnotJonathan SwiftPoetryDrapier's Letters


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