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Question 1:
William Bonin, Tupac Shakur and Carl Sagan are all:
American people convicted of child sexual abuse People executed by lethal injection 1996 deaths American murderers of children

Question 2:
William Bonin, Ted Bundy and Albert Fish are all:
American prisoners sentenced to death 20th-century executions by the United States American people convicted of child sexual abuse People executed by California

Question 3: In April 1979, just one month before Bonin's first known murder, two hitchhikers named Danny Jordan and Mark Proctor disappeared while traveling to ________.
Laguna Niguel, CaliforniaLaguna Beach, CaliforniaNewport Beach, CaliforniaLaguna Woods, California

Question 4:
William Bonin, Helen Keller and Katharine Hepburn are all:
American sex offenders 1996 deaths People from Connecticut Mass murder in 1979

Question 5: On November 17, 1968,[14] at age 21, Bonin committed a ________ on a youth.
Sexual assaultRapeProstitutionSexual abuse

Question 6: Bonin's fourth accomplice, Billy Pugh, aged 18, who had been present at the murder of 15-year-old Harry Turner in March 1980, was given a six-year sentence for voluntary ________.
ManslaughterFelony murder ruleMisdemeanor murderNegligent homicide

Question 7:
William Bonin, Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer are all:
People executed by California People convicted of murder by California American murderers of children People from Connecticut

Question 8: Both of the young boys bodies were found in ________ off a hiking trail.
Long Beach, CaliforniaSanta Clarita, CaliforniaLancaster, CaliforniaPalmdale, California

Question 9: In 1992, following the execution of Robert Alton Harris, the State of California opted to use ________ as an alternate method of execution to the gas chamber, branding the gas chamber a 'cruel and unusual' method of execution.
Capital punishment in the United StatesCapital punishmentLethal injectionTorture

Question 10: He was executed by ________ inside the old gas chamber at San Quentin State Prison.
Lethal injectionTortureCapital punishment in the United StatesCapital punishment

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