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William Blake: Quiz


Question 1:
Where was William Blake born?

Question 2: In addition, Blake believed that he was personally instructed and encouraged by ________ to create his artistic works, which he claimed were actively read and enjoyed by those same Archangels.
UrielMichael (archangel)BibleArchangel

Question 3:
When did William Blake die?

Question 4: ________, which Blake invented, later became an important commercial printing method.
EtchingBookbindingMetalworkingStained glass

Question 5:
William Blake, J. M. W. Turner and Lucian Freud are all:
English printmakers People from Soho Romantic poets Prophets

Question 6:
Where did William Blake die?
Newgate prison, London
Kensington, London, England
Spring Garden Coffee House, London
London, England

Question 7: Blake's engravings have also had significant influence on the modern ________.
ComicsAmerican comic bookGraphic novelComic book

Question 8:
Who of the following did William Blake influence?
Augustus De MorganIsaac Todhunter
Bukhari and Ahmad ibn Hanbal
William Butler Yeats, Hart Crane, Kahlil Gibran, Allen Ginsberg,
David Lewis Donald Davidson

Question 9: Blake is now recognised as a saint in the ________.
Aleister CrowleyAnkh-ef-en-Khonsu iEcclesia Gnostica Catholica93 (Thelema)

Question 10:
When was William Blake born?

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