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Willamette Valley: Quiz


Question 1: It is home to Eyrie Vineyards, winner of the pinot noir competition at the Wine Olympics held in ________ in 1979.
ParisVersaillesMarseilleÉvry, Essonne

Question 2: But it is ________ and nursery stock that have become the biggest agricultural commodity in the valley.

Question 3: In recent decades, the valley has also become a major wine producer, with multiple ________ of its own.
Central Coast AVAOregon wineNorth Coast AVAAmerican Viticultural Area

Question 4: The Hudson's Bay Company controlled the fur trade in the valley and the rest of Oregon Country in the 1820s and 1830s from its ________ headquarters at Fort Vancouver.
Oregon TrailOregon boundary disputeJohn McLoughlinColumbia District

Question 5: It was named for ________ geologist Ira S.
Oregon State UniversityGeorge Fox UniversityPortland State UniversityEastern Oregon University

Question 6: ________'s book The Postman (which was adapted into a film of the same name) is largely set in the Willamette Valley, aka Hidden Valley, mostly around the town of Corvallis.
Uplift UniverseBrightness ReefDavid BrinIsaac Asimov

Question 7: Being a productive agricultural area, the valley was the destination of choice for the emigrants on the ________ in the 1840s.
Fort VancouverOregon City, OregonSalem, OregonOregon Trail

Question 8: In the ________ novel series The Genesis of Shannara, the elf land of Cintra is located in Willamette.
Terry BrooksWord & VoidAngel Fire EastArmageddon's Children

Question 9: - British occupancy, in effect since the ________, ended in 1846 with the Oregon Treaty.
Treaty of 1818Oregon CountryOregon TrailOregon boundary dispute

Question 10: With a cooler climate than ________, the gently rolling hills surrounding the Willamette are home to some of the best (and most-expensive) pinot noir in the world, as well as a high-quality pinot gris.
San Jose, CaliforniaCaliforniaLos AngelesSacramento, California


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