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Willamette River: Quiz


Question 1: ________ stage is 18.0 feet (5.5 m).
FloodFlood controlHurricane KatrinaNetherlands

Question 2: [1] The river is 187 miles (301 km) long, lying entirely in northwestern ________ in the United States.

Question 3: State studies in the 1990s identified a wide variety of pollutants in the river bottom, including heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and ________.
Aluminium phosphidePesticide poisoningPest controlPesticide

Question 4: The ________ missed the mouth of the Willamette River both on their descent of the Columbia and on their return trip upriver.
SacagaweaMissouri RiverColumbia RiverLewis and Clark Expedition

Question 5: Part of the river's ________ (the Willamette Floodplain) was established as a National Natural Landmark in 1987; ten years later the river was named as one of ten national American Heritage Rivers.
ValleyAnabranchRiver deltaFloodplain

Question 6: As a result of these studies, this section of the river was designated a ________ site in 2000,[13] involving the United States Environmental Protection Agency in cleanup of the river bottom.
SuperfundAgency for Toxic Substances and Disease RegistryKentuckyToxics Release Inventory

Question 7: Historical and current activities include shipbuilding, ________ manufacture, lead processing, and transfer and storage of petroleum products.
PhenolCresolCoal tarCreosote


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