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Will (law): Quiz


Question 1: Historically, courts have been more willing to strike down wills leaving property to a same-sex partner for reasons such as ________ or undue influence.
Capacity (law)ContractStatus (law)Duress

Question 2: ________'s will did not contain this, which wound up costing his estate thousands.
Earl WarrenByron WhiteWilliam RehnquistWarren E. Burger

Question 3: In a growing number of states, an interested party is only an improper witness as to the clauses that benefit him or her (this is the case in ________, for instance).

Question 4: Although most people are aware that they need a will, as many as 66% of Americans, according to ________, don't have one.
Good HousekeepingConsumer ReportsUnited StatesSuzuki Jimny

Question 5: In ________ jurisdictions, a will cannot be used to disinherit a surviving spouse, who is entitled to at least a portion of the testator's estate.
LouisianaCommunity propertyNevadaCalifornia

Question 6: For the devolution of property not disposed of by will, see ________ and intestacy.
MarriageInheritanceFamily nameKinship

Question 7: Advocates for gays and lesbians have pointed to the inheritance rights of spouses as desirable for same-sex couples as well, through same-sex marriage or ________.
Same-sex unionCivil unionDomestic partnershipSame-sex marriage legislation around the world

Question 8: After the testator has died, a ________ proceeding may be initiated in court to determine the validity of the will or wills that the testator may have created, i.e., which will satisfied the legal requirements, and to appoint an executor.
ProbatePour-over willIntestacyUniform Probate Code

Question 9: The Thellusson Will Case was fictionalized by Charles Dickens as Jarndyce and Jarndyce in ________, and led to Parliament legislating against such accumulation of money for later distribution.
Little DorritDombey and SonBleak HouseNicholas Nickleby

Question 10: Where a will has been accidentally destroyed, on evidence that this is the case, a copy will or draft will may be admitted to ________.
ProbateExecutorUniform Probate CodeIntestacy

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