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Question 1: In July 1942 he was Commander-in-Chief of Army Group A on the Eastern Front in the ________.
East GermanyJoseph StalinRussiaSoviet Union

Question 2: OKW believed that before Barbarossa could be launched it would be necessary to eliminate the possibility of interference from ________ by militarily subduing this country, in an operation codenamed Operation Marita.

Question 3: In early 1941 German troops were being steadily massed on the Eastern frontier of the Third Reich, in preparation, as is now known, for ________, the German invasion of the Soviet Union.
World War IIEastern Front (World War II)Operation BarbarossaOperation Bagration

Question 4: military court, charged with war crimes and ________ - primarily the reprisal killing of hostages in retaliation for partisan activity.
Human rightsWar rapeGenocideCrime against humanity

Question 5: [1] On the night of February 28, 1941 German troops, including List who now commanded the 12th army, took up positions in Bulgaria, which the next day joined the ________.
Adolf HitlerWorld War IIAxis powersTripartite Pact

Question 6: In early July 1942, List took command of Army Group A, newly formed from the split of Army Group South during the Germans' summer offensive named ________.
Case BlueEastern Front (World War II)Operation BarbarossaLower Dnieper Offensive

Question 7: He served as a staff officer in ________.
Armenian GenocideWorld War IWestern Front (World War I)Caucasus Campaign

Question 8: During 1939 List commanded the German 14th Army in the ________.
Invasion of PolandEastern Front (World War II)Warsaw UprisingHistory of Poland (1939–1945)

Question 9: In 1938 after the ________ of Austria he was made responsible for integrating the Bundesheer into the Wehrmacht.
Adolf HitlerWorld War IINazi GermanyAnschluss

Question 10: He fulfilled this mission, meeting advance elements of the German XIX Panzer Corps under the command of General Guderian a short distance south of ________, on September 17, 1939.
Brest, BelarusBiarozaBaranovichiKobryn


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