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Wilhelm Frick: Quiz


Question 1: Frick was instrumental in passing laws against Jewish people, like the notorious ________, in September 1935.
Holocaust (resources)The HolocaustAdolf HitlerNuremberg Laws

Question 2: He was one of those arrested and imprisoned for the ________ and was tried for treason in April 1924.
SiegeChemical warfareWarCoup d'état

Question 3: Frick earned a doctor of laws from the ________ in 1901.
University of HeidelbergUniversity of FreiburgUniversity of CambridgeHeidelberg University Faculty of Law

Question 4: [5] In the summer 1938 Wilhelm Frick was named the patron (Schirmherr) of the Deutsches Turn- und Sportfest in ________, a patriotic sports festival attended by Hitler and all the Nazi top brass.

Question 5: Frick's power dramatically increased as a result of the Reichstag Fire Decree and the ________.
Adolf HitlerCentre Party (Germany)Enabling Act of 1933Paul von Hindenburg

Question 6: He was responsible for drafting many of the "________" laws that consolidated the Nazi regime.
Nazi PartySturmabteilungGleichschaltungNazism

Question 7: Wilhelm Frick was appointed ________ and of Education in the state government of Thuringia during 1930–31, being the first Nazi to hold any ministerial-level post in pre-Nazi Germany.
Foreign ministerInterior ministryCyprusMontenegro

Question 8: ________
Battle of BerlinWestern Front (World War II)End of World War II in EuropeTimeline of World War II (1945)

Question 9: ________, the capital of the protectorate, where Frick used ruthless methods to counter dissent, was one of the last Axis-held cities to fall at the end of World War II in Europe.

Question 10: Frick was arrested and tried before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, where he was the only defendant besides ________ who refused to testify on his own behalf.
Adolf HitlerKarl DönitzRudolf HessHermann Göring

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