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Wilhelm Eduard Weber: Quiz


Question 1: As a student of twenty years he, with his brother, Ernst Heinrich Weber, Professor of Anatomy at ________, had written a book on the Wave Theory and Fluidity, which brought its authors a considerable reputation.

Question 2: Wilhelm Eduard Weber (24 October 1804 ‚Äď 23 June 1891) was a German physicist and, together with ________, inventor of the first electromagnetic telegraph.
Carl Friedrich GaussJean le Rond d'AlembertBenjamin FranklinIsaac Newton

Question 3: Weber was born in ________, where his father, Michael Weber, was professor of theology.

Question 4: During 1831, on the recommendation of ________, he was hired by the university of Göttingen as professor of physics, at the age of twenty-seven.
Carl Friedrich GaussIsaac NewtonBenjamin FranklinJean le Rond d'Alembert


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