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Wilfrid: Quiz


Question 1: Prosopography of Anglo Saxon England entry for Wilfrid – listing of most contemporary and close to contemporary mentions of Wilfrid in the ________.
Secondary sourcePrimary sourceSocial sciencesHistoriography

Question 2: [164] The 12th-century writer ________, whose family helped restore Hexham, credited Wilfrid as the designer of a church beautifully embellished with paintings and sculpture.
Ailred of RievaulxEnglandYorkshireBernard of Clairvaux

Question 3: [18][notes 1] Stephen says that Aunemund gave Wilfrid a clerical ________, although this does not appear to mean that he became a monk, merely that he entered the clergy.
Catholic ChurchChristianityTonsureBishop

Question 4: [10] Further north still lay the great Pictish kingdom of Fortriu, which after the ________ in 685 came to be the strongest power in the northern half of Britain.
WilfridPictsBattle of DunnichenBattle of Two Rivers

Question 5: According to Stephen of Ripon, after the death of ________, Ebroin wished to imprison Wilfrid, but Wilfrid miraculously escaped.
Dagobert IIChilderic IIMerovingian dynastyClovis III

Question 6: [18] Once in Italy, Wilfrid was received by Perctarit, a ________ king, who gave him a place at his court.
Germanic peoplesFranksSuebiLombards

Question 7: [82] When Theodore, the newly appointed ________, arrived in England in 669[83] it was clear that something had to be done about the situation in Northumbria.
Archbishop of CanterburyChurch of EnglandRowan WilliamsThomas Cranmer

Question 8: [52] Shortly afterwards Wilfrid was ordained a priest by Agilbert, Bishop of Dorchester in the kingdom of the Gewisse, part of ________.
MerciaCnut the GreatWessexAlfred the Great

Question 9: [14] Some had been converted by the ________, a group of Roman missionaries who arrived in Kent in 597 and who mainly influenced southern Britain.
JustusGregorian missionWilfridMellitus

Question 10: Between the Humber and Forth the English had formed into two main kingdoms, Deira and ________, often united as the Kingdom of Northumbria.
ElmetEnglandHen OgleddBernicia

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