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Wilfred Mott: Quiz


Question 1: He is the maternal grandfather of the Tenth Doctor's companion ________,[2] and father of character Sylvia Noble.
Donna NobleDoctor Who (series 4)The Stolen EarthMartha Jones

Question 2: Wilfred returns in "________", in which he has repeated visions of an unnamed woman.
The Stolen EarthCompanion (Doctor Who)The End of TimeJourney's End (Doctor Who)

Question 3: [8] Cribbins was also considered for the ________ in 1974.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Fourth DoctorSarah Jane SmithCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 4: Cribbins also played a rock band manager in the ________ radio play Horror of Glam Rock broadcast on BBC 7 in 2007.
Companion (Doctor Who)Terror FirmaShadaEighth Doctor

Question 5: Wilfred returns to his family and attends Donna's wedding where he is again visited by the dying Doctor, who gives him and Silvia a winning ________ as a wedding present for Donna.
United StatesSerbiaLotteryFrance

Question 6: After Donna joins the Doctor, they do a fly-by of the allotment in the ________ which astonishes Wilfred.
Doctor Who story chronologyDoctor (Doctor Who)TARDISCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 7: [2] In the episode "Partners in Crime", Wilfred is revealed to be an amateur astronomer who spends his evenings stargazing with his ________ from an allotment.
Reflecting telescopeTelescopeOptical telescopeRefracting telescope

Question 8: Wilfred "Wilf" Mott is a recurring fictional character[1] in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, played by ________.
Journey's End (Doctor Who)Bernard CribbinsWilfred MottThe Stolen Earth

Question 9: [10] Collinson had the idea that Wilfred should be Donna's grandfather after Executive Producer ________ had decided that a grandfather character should replace the father character after Attfield's death.
Russell T DaviesThe Stolen EarthDoctor WhoJack Harkness

Question 10: He mans a newspaper stand and is one of the few people to remain in London over ________ following the events of "The Christmas Invasion" and "The Runaway Bride".
Yule logChristmasYuleWassailing


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