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Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner: Quiz


Question 1: Also the italian singer ________ dedicated to Wile E.
Demetrio StratosEugenio FinardiLucio BattistiFolk rock

Question 2: New and reprinted Beep Beep stories also appeared in Golden Comics Digest and Gold Key's revival of ________ in the 1970s.
What's New, Scooby-Doo?Looney TunesMerrie MelodiesWarner Bros. Cartoons

Question 3: Road Runner at the ________
Internet Movie DatabaseCDNOWBox Office

Question 4: being a "________" for Acme has been another suggested explanation.
Software release life cycleSoftware versioningSoftware developmentSoftware testing

Question 5: The Road Runner and the Coyote appeared on Saturday mornings as the stars of their own TV series, The Road Runner Show, from September 1966 to September 1968, on ________.
American Broadcasting CompanyNBCThe CW Television NetworkCBS

Question 6: In 2006, Road Runner appeared in a ________ TV commercial for Bright House Networks.
MassachusettsFloridaNew JerseyNorth Carolina

Question 7: Chuck Jones's 1979 ________ The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie features Jones's characters, including Wile E.
FilmMovie theaterIndependent filmFilmmaking

Question 8: Whenever possible, make ________ the Coyote's greatest enemy.
General relativityGravitationIntroduction to general relativityEquivalence principle

Question 9: Coyote is the object of a religious-themed and self-reflexive parody in DC Comics' ________ #5 from 1989.
World War III (comics)Animal ManGrant Morrison52 (comics)

Question 10: Scottish writer ________ tells the story of a coyote named "Crafty" who seeks an end to his life of continual violence by appealing to a cartoon world god.
Grant Morrison bibliographyGrant MorrisonAnimal ManThe Invisibles

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