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Wildfire suppression: Quiz


Question 1: The preferred term for wildfire in Australia is ________.
2006–07 Australian bushfire seasonBushfireBlack Saturday bushfiresAdelaide Hills bushfires (1939)

Question 2: This includes the work of urban and wildland fire engines, fire personnel and aircraft applying water or ________ directly to the burning fuel.
Fire retardantHelitackHotshot crewWildfire suppression

Question 3: Expansive ________ and other human activity in areas adjacent to wildlands is a primary reason for the catastrophic structural losses experienced in wildfires.
United StatesUrbanizationNew townChicago

Question 4: Wildfire suppression refers to the firefighting tactics used to suppress ________.
WildfireFire retardantHotshot crewFire lookout tower

Question 5: A very small sample of these include: unstable hazard trees, animals, electrical cables, ________, hazardous materials, rolling and falling debris, and lightening.
Unexploded ordnanceNaval mineChemical warfareCluster bomb

Question 6: Such compounds reduce the flammability of materials by either blocking the fire physically or by initiating a ________ that stops the fire.
NitrogenChemistryChemical reactionHydrogen

Question 7: Working in conjunction with specially designed firefighting ________, these wildfire-trained crews suppress flames, construct firelines, and extinguish flames and areas of heat to protect resources and natural wilderness.
Double-deck aircraftBusiness jetAircraftWide-body aircraft

Question 8: In the U.S., the ________ designates this as being the first on scene providing he has sufficient training.
Controlled burnCDF Aviation Management ProgramIncident Command SystemAerial firefighting

Question 9: The city of ________, South Africa lies on the fringe of the Table Mountain National Park.
Cape TownCairoPretoriaBloemfontein

Question 10: The threat of wildfires does not cease after the flames have passed, as ________ heavy fuels may continue to burn unnoticed for days after flaming.


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